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 Not Like This RP

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PostSubject: Not Like This RP   Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:29 pm

Not Like This is not for the faint of heart. If you're squeamish then now would be a good time to turn back. This RP will explore the twisted side of humanity in an apocalyptic zombie themed scenario.

You have been warned.

To participate you simply post your character responding to what I have written below. You will roleplay as yourself and please, please answer sincerely. This RP can only be fun if taken seriously.

Not Like This

You awake in a daze. Several other people of varying ages are around you, they also appear to have just awoken. They all look confused. There is a man sitting in a chair, an end table sits beside him, his hand resting on the wooden surface. He is clearly deceased. Upon closer inspection it appears he was writing a note. The parchment reads:

"You've all been infected, but you seem able to overcome the airborne strain. Unlucky bastards, all of ya. You won't remember anything prior to being infected, 'cept maybe your names and some of your past.

It's been going on for a few days. The infection started in the air, no one knows where it came from. The infected would die from it and later rise again. The time they spent dead varied, always different. Some changed in minutes, others hours, some days. Then the newly arisen would hunt the living.

Getting bit is a hundred percent lethal. If you get bit, you die. If you die, you change. Simple logic. Destroying their brain seems to be the only way to stop them, otherwise, they won't go down. Good luck, and God speed."

Laying the note back down, you realize you're in an apartment. You remember you're in Lawton. You can't remember why. Everyone is clearly awake now. You wonder if you wanted to even wake up in a world like this one. You hear a car siren somewhere in the distance.

The apartment is a small 2 bedroom. A large living area with a couch and a chair in it. A single flat screen television, though it doesn't appear to be working, and the end table. At the eastern end of the room there is a door leading to the kitchen. The north end holds a hallway going east to west. Each end of the hallway leads to a bedroom with a single bed in each room and no other furniture. The bathroom sits inside the hallway. The western end of the main living area contains the front door. A heavy wooden door with a strong lock on it.

Looking out the window on the southern wall, you realize you're several stories up. The sky is grey and uninviting as you see smoke burning somewhere in the distance. The car alarm is still blaring.

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PostSubject: Re: Not Like This RP   Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:02 pm

After i was able to shake off the drowsiness after waking up, i decided to sit on the bed and try to gather up my thoughts. Ok let's start with your name. My name....The only thing that comes to my mind is Lix. I know for sure it's not my real name, but it sounded right. Maybe it was my nickname? Well as long as i have a name, i'm fine with it. I took in the room more. I see people i don't recognize. or maybe i do..? I still didn't remember much besides my name. Ok. i think thats enough remembering for now. I need to see wat can help me in this apartment. I decided to go in the kitchen first. Opening the door slowly, i took a peek on wat was or who was in there.
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PostSubject: Re: Not Like This RP   Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:51 pm

After more or less understood what the man had said, I had already understood the essential, that were living a nightmare. First thing I did is try to remember my name because it was technically the only thing the man had said that was going to recall. "Baguette ," you are kidding me? My name is a kind of bread?!? In short I had no time to lose to try to remind myself of the affairs of the past since it didn't seem to have any kind of sence , I looked around me and looked at my surroundings. I noticed that I was not the only one and if I should live a hell, it would be good with them, at least we're gonna all die togheter right ? Not short long after,i see a girl heading towards the kitchen. That is not stupid because if in this apartment there would be a weapon. It would be technically there. So I decide to follow her . Hopefully not being noticed whatsoever.
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PostSubject: Re: Not Like This RP   

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Not Like This RP
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